Hell Week: Cuppa Terror

Even Frankie couldn’t resist a spot between tea-rrifying takes!
Boris Karloff on the set of (maybe?) Son of Frankenstein, about ’round 1938


Hell Week: The Dark Side of Tea


The Man Who Almost Died from Drinking Too Much Tea – The Atlantic
Teen Develops Hepatitis From Green Tea – The Daily Mail
College Student Dies After Drinking Poppy Seed Tea – NY Daily News
Deadly Pesticides In Tea? A Fact Check – Tea Biz Blog

Sip safely, my friends!
Artwork by Ivana Jancikova

Vintage Monday: Tasseography


The fluidity of feeling overflows in a maelstrom
spun around in cycles of choices swirling
dreams of love, passion, creativity, success
at the bottom of a chipped teacup
she cradles in her hands, bringing its rim
to her lips as though this herbal elixir
contains the calm to all her existential qualms.

1920s Vintage Romany Tasseography Cup, $179
Poem by Julianne Day Ignacio

Tasseography is a fascinating art – learn more here